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Flying Deuces Disc Golf Club

The Flying Deuces is a group of object disc golfers who have been playing Disc Golf in Santa Clara County, California, since 1977. We have functioned with no club dues or officers that whole time. Our philosophy is that disc golf is an inexpensive and fun past time. For a $7-8 investment per disc you can play for pretty much for free until your disc(s) wears out, either by breaking or becoming lost or unretrievable.

Club members have designed over two dozen object courses with 18 targets through out the city and county parks system. Since these are public parks and subject to heavy use by the public for picnicking and recreation, we play early in the morning to avoid crowd traffic. Often the fairways are quite wet with dew at that time of the morning. We're finishing up our play by 9-9:30AM

The Flying Deuces play every Saturday morning at 7:30AM at a different park somewhere in the Silicon Valley area. A schedule of playing sites is published for a year in advance, so you always know where we'll be meeting to play. The Winner of the Week gets first tee honors the following Saturday.

Eric Mickelson, 2008 Winner of the Year, passes the trophy to John Kimball, 2009 Winner of the Year

Occasionally, a club tournament is held, usually consisting of 2-4 eighteen hole rounds. The winner gets to take the traveling trophy home until the next tournament. Our first club tournament was held in the Spring of 1978. At that time, the traveling club trophy was unveiled and has passed from winner to winner ever since. After we engraved names on all four sides of the base, we added a new base extension with four new sides for the names of tournament winners.

Meet the individual Deuces!

A collection of old Flying Deuces newsletters, documents, letters, invitations, et cetera were digitized and organized at the Flying Deuces Document Archives. Coming soon: A History of the Flying Deuces.

The Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club is the managing organization for the Coyote Creek Disc Golf Course, now located in Hellyer Park. For national disc golf information, visit the Disc Golf Association.

For further information regarding the Flying Deuces, please contact the Flying Deuces via Email.

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